Who is standing behind United World?

The Team:

Graphic artists and programmers are creating the visual effects and functionality.
The founders Markus and Toni are responsible for this philanthropic concept.
One egocentric and the other an altruist, and both still friends.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to quickly present pure contributions, articles and news from the entire world transparently and unfiltered in order to put emphasis to the freedom of speech of all humans. Everyone whether amateur or expert should get the opportunity to present his views in the form of reports, articles, commentaries, ads, or other posts.

Our vision:

Our vision is to establish united-world.org worldwide and ensure an automatic management and administration for every country in order to make specific adaption according to each culture.

The emergence of united-world.org:

In the beginning, the idea of presenting more transparency and justice in the world arised.

In recent years, more and more workers and farmers in the producing countries, as well as local merchants, retailers, specialists, and city center of the trading countries are falling by the wayside. The few big ones are winning. On the one hand they are exploiting the manufacturer and on the other hand they collect money from the consumers as long as possible. Once there is nothing to catch left, they withdraw from those no longer profitable places and leave scorched earth. Our small cities, towns, villages and city districts are in danger of dying for the benefit of the few big ruthless businesses.

More and more people are acting like robots by using social media without noticing the influence as they are surrender their privacy, share prefabricated information and are not developing their independent personality, but all join in and adapt.

This situation motivated Toni to create a platform for genuine people. No one should be forced to conform to an idea of the world hold by advertising experts, product psychologists, PR consultants and greedy entrepreneurs.

Since the end of 2013 Markus joined this idea and since then, works on the project with great enthusiasm.

If you are also enthusiastic about our idea, then join us, too.
Find out how you can support us: link to support