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Our promotion portal makes it easy to adjust your advertisement according to your desires. If you need help with the use of the promotion portal we are happy to upload the first advert for you. Please contact us:

Additionally, you have the possibility to place your advert individually and geographical.
Thus, small sized companies have the opportunity to only advertise in their proximity and area of operation by choosing the desired geographic area in our promotion module. With this module you can reach your targeted potential clients.

Take your choice:

First of all, choose the location of your banner, your text display or advertising graphic. There are three possibilities:

  1. The section news:

    Here you can place your ad next to and in between the news. Therefore, you can reach people at the chosen level, who are looking for global, regional or local information. In general, there are no limitations and everyone can advertise everywhere.

    David vs. Goliath: To give also small companies the chance to catch peoples attention, we would like to support them by offering more favourable conditions. This is the case if a small or medium sized company wants to advertise in their regional or local area. In addition, the company advertising on a local level is obtaining a preference of the ad placement towards those advertising on a national or global level.

  2. The section categories

    In our promotion area you further can chose a certain category. Thus, you have the opportunity to approach clients of a specific branch.

  3. The section member area

    This area offers the members the possibility to get to know each other. Likewise to the news section, the member can be defined according to their residence. This means, that you can reach people regionally and locally in order to offer them for example free time activities.

As soon as you choose one or all of the three sections you can go to the free registration for the promotion portal.
(BETA version: still in testing. Launch early /2016)