Why we allow advertisement on united-world.org?

Advertisement is very important for most companies, regions and countryside. We would like to support local businesses by offering more favourable conditions in order to help them to obtain attention.

We want to make sure that a local enterprise or retailer receives the best possible placement no matter what size of company. Global advertisement only can be displayed if there is no local advertiser.

At the same time the revenue should generate an income for the authors and journalists. This income possibility should be a motivation to contribute with articles and pieces of high quality.

How do we use the revenue of the advertisements?

The biggest part of the revenue will be divided between the authors according to a distribution key. The rest will assure the organization, administration and technic of united-word.org.

Who can become an author?

Everyone can become an author by registering as a free user and publish a piece on united-world.org.

How can I earn money as an author?

In order to be able to refund the author he has to be a verified user. The verification can be achieved by the postident-procedure or by transferring at least 1 Euro to us from your bank account. All red articles generate ad revenue. This revenue will be attributed to the author. After every quarter a settlement is going to be developed and assigned to the authors.

How much can I earn as an author?

The income depends on the readership and the ad revenue per published article in every respective country. About half of the revenue of a local placed ad per article can be expected as a tentative target value. If there is no local ad revenue the author will receive an income from the national and global ad revenue. A distribution key will be calculated every quarter out of all pieces. The payment will take place every quarter as soon as a contribution amount of at least 10 Euro is reached. There is no general entitlement of the authors about a specific aimed amount of the ad revenue per article. Further, the author has no claim to obtain a specific amount of payment per quarter. The solidarity principle gets priority for the key division. The payment can be partly or completely denied if there is proof of abuse or violation of the general terms and in this case compensation can be claimed by united-world.org.

Do I have to pay tax?

The author is responsible for his tax obligation in the country of residence and has to undertake this obligation with the receipt of the payment.

How can I place my advertisement? (BETA version: still in testing)