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The united-world management GmbH, is the German commercial alliance to the international data information website "" established for the use of the community, who operates collaborative webpages to collect free opinions, knowledge and expressions of intentions.

The movement is founded on a simple, but powerful principle: You are important! Your environment is important. Self determination without manipulation. Absolutely human rights, freedom of opinion, participation and transparency. We have to create more for all of us than the individual, who causes egoistically for himself by being influenced of the mass and being manipulated. In order to work together smoothly it is necessary to collect, use and share data about our user and examine this information external and internal in order to analyse and verify all news to the degree of validity. Only by doing this we can research how we can optimize and make the website more secure, adventurous and user-friendly.

This Policy explains how we collect, use, and share your personal information.

We are convinced that the creation and use of information should go hand in hand with transparency. In this privacy policy it will be explained how is using and forwarding captured data, which we are receiving from you by your use of the Therefore, you have to understand, that by using sites you are accepting the collection, transmission, processing, storage, disclosure and use of your data according to the privacy policy. Thus, it is important to read this policy attentive.

We collect very little personal information about you.

In our opinion you should not be committed to provide personal data in order to participate in the free exchange of news and information. You do not have to state your real name, address or your date of birth to open a member account and provide content to sites. We differentiate profiles between: "unknown user" and "verified user". Both profiles can add an additional pseudonym-name to their profile in order to post articles, pieces and news anonymously. “Unknown user”, so-called “unknown” have to provide a name and an existent email address. The “verified” user can be identified by “Id” next to his user name and has to pass through a post-identity procedure or has to undertake a transaction from his personal bank account to us.

We do not rent or sell your information to third parties.

We do not sell or rent your non public information, nor do we give it to others to sell you anything. We use it to figure out how to make the Site more engaging and accessible, to see which ideas work, and to make learning and contributing more fun. Put simply: we use this information to make the Site better for you.

By using the page, you consent to this Policy.

After all, it's people like you, the fighter for free knowledge and opinions, who make it possible for the united to not only exist, but also be helpful, grow, thrive and will be a benifit for everyone.


Because everyone should be able to easily understand how and why their information (contribution and profile data) is collected and used, we use common language instead of more formal terms throughout this Policy. To help ensure your understanding of some particular key terms, here is a table of translations:

When we say...

... we mean:

"“ / "united-world management GmbH“/ "we" / "us" / "our"

The united-world management GmbH, is the German commercial alliance to the international data information website "" established for the use of the community.

"" / "our services" websites and services (regardless of language), including our main project, as well as mobile applications, APIs, emails, and notifications; excluding, however, sites and services listed in the "What This Privacy Policy Doesn't Cover" section below.

"you" / "your" / "me"

You, regardless of whether you are an individual, group, or organization, and regardless of whether you are using the Sites or our services on behalf of yourself or someone else.

"this Policy" / "this Privacy Policy"

This document, entitled the " Privacy Policy".


Content you add or changes you make to any Sites.

"personal information"

Information you provide us or information we collect from you that could be used to personally identify you. To be clear, while we do not necessarily collect all of the following types of information, we consider at least the following to be “personal information” if it is otherwise nonpublic and can be used to identify you:

  1. your real name, address, phone number, email address, password, identification number on government-issued ID, IP address, user-agent information, credit card number;

  2. when associated with one of the items in subsection (a), any sensitive data such as date of birth, gender, sexual orientation, racial or ethnic origins, marital or familial status, medical conditions or disabilities, political affiliation, and religion; and listed kinds connected to your data.

  3. any of the items in subsections (a) or (b) when associated with your user account.

"third party" / "third parties"

Individuals, entities, websites, services, products, and applications that are not controlled, managed, or operated by the united-world management gmbh. This includes other users and independent organizations or groups who help promote the united-world movement, thematic organizations, and user groups as well as volunteers, employees, directors, officers, grant recipients, and contractors of those organizations or groups.

What This Privacy Policy Does & Doesn't Cover

Except as explained below, this Privacy Policy applies to our collection and handling of information about you that we receive as a result of your use of any of the Sites. This Policy also applies to information that we receive from our partners or other third parties. To understand more about what this Privacy Policy covers, please see below.

Examples of What This Privacy Policy Covers

This Privacy Policy, however, does not cover some situations where we may gather or process information. For example, some uses may be covered by separate privacy policies (like those of our Shop) or sites or services run by third parties (such as third-party developer projects on To understand more about what this Privacy Policy does not cover, please see below.

Use of info

Types of Information We Receive From You, How We Get It, & How We Use It

Your Public Contributions

Whatever you post on Sites can be seen and used by everyone.

The Sites were primarily created to help you share your knowledge and your information with the world, and we share your contributions because you have asked us to do so. When you make a contribution to any Site, including on user or discussion pages, you are creating a permanent, public record of every piece of content added, removed, or altered by you. The page history will show when your contribution or deletion was made, as well as your username (if you are signed in). We may use your public contributions, either aggregated with the public contributions of others or individually, to create new features or data-related products for you or to learn more about how the Sites are used. Unless this Policy says otherwise, you should assume that information that you actively contribute to the, including personal information, is publicly visible and can be found by search engines. Like most things on the Internet, anything you share may be copied and redistributed throughout the Internet by other people. Please do not contribute any information that you are uncomfortable making permanently public, like revealing your last name or your complete address or location in your contributions. You should be aware that specific data made public by you or aggregated data that is made public by us can be used by anyone for analysis and to infer information about users, such as which country a user is from, political affiliation, and gender. For this reason you have the right to create your article using a pseudonym.

Code of conduct was established in order to create a possibility for everyone to express one’s opinion without imposed censorship and without attention to the social or political regime of a country. According to the human rights, it is allowed to state all thoughts and opinions.

However, please stick to following rules, which can cause a black out of your work in serious cases.

In the personal profile, as well as in all pieces following is absolutely forbidden in form of direct content or links:

  1. Nudities, which show sexual genitals, especially those of children. (any pornographic content)

  2. Every even implied image of sexual abuse of children

  3. Any appeal to murder, assault, agitation or bullying

  4. Publishing pictures, texts, videos or pieces without obtaining their rights or if the rights of any third parties are infringed by your release.

  5. All kind of spam, junk mails or promotional contacts

Recommended code of conduct

  • Don’t be insulting, offending or discriminating

  • Don’t write negative about people, places, events or traditions in order to harm them on purpose

  • Don’t publish any untrue piece, nor invent facts

  • Do write about other people in the same way you would write about yourself

  • Be respectful and objective, especially when you write about religion, orientations, people’s hopes, values or beliefs.

By publishing your piece on the author permits quotation of the text and the use of all images and videos, as long as it is directed to the piece. It needs to be cited as following if any information of an article is used: “, Article #”. It is allowed to quote the entire article if this rule is satisfied. Only with a correct quotation you are allowed to publish images, texts or videos divorced from its context. An editorial application is allowed if the general terms are complied. Without the approval of the author third parties must not use any content commercially.

Account Information & Registration

Want to create an account? Great! Don't want to create an account? No problem!

You do not need to create a verified account to use any Site. If you do create an account, you do not need to give us your name or email address.
If you do not create an account, you cannot publish any contribution of you, but you can access all published information

You are not required to create an account to read a Site, except you want to write something or inform us . However, if you contribute without signing in your contribution will be published by using a pseudonym. If you want to create a standard account, in most cases we require only a username and a password. Your username will be publicly visible, so please be careful about using your real name as your username. Your password is only used to verify that the account is yours. Your IP address is also automatically submitted to us, and we record it temporarily to help prevent abuse. No other personal information is required: no name, no email address, no date of birth, no credit card information. Once created, user accounts cannot be removed entirely (although you can usually hide the information on your user page if you choose to). This is because your public contributions must be associated with their author (you!). So make sure you pick a pseudonym you will be comfortable with for years to come. We reserve the right to delete your profile in case of violation of the code of conduct in extreme cases.

Information Related to Your Use of the Sites

We may use common technologies to collect information about how you use Sites. We use this information to enhance your user experience and to develop new features for

We want to make the Sites better for you by learning more about how you use them. Examples of this might include how often you visit the Sites, what you like, what you find helpful, how you get to the Sites, and whether you would use a helpful feature more if we explained it differently. We also want this Policy and our practices to reflect our community's values. For this reason, we keep information related to your use of the Sites confidential, except as provided in this Policy.

Information We Receive Automatically

Like other websites, we receive some information about you automatically when you visit the Sites. This information helps us administer the Sites and enhance your user experience.

Because of how browsers work and similar to other major websites, we receive some information automatically when you visit the Sites. This information includes the type of device you are using (possibly including unique device identification numbers, for some beta versions of our mobile applications), the type and version of your browser, your browser's language preference, the type and version of your device's operating system, in some cases the name of your internet service provider or mobile carrier, the website that referred you to the Sites, which pages you request and visit, and the date and time of each request you make to the Sites.

Put simply, we use this information to enhance your experience with Sites. For example, we use this information to administer the sites, provide greater security, and fight vandalism; optimize mobile applications, customize content and set language preferences, test features to see what works, and improve performance; understand how users interact with the Sites, track and study use of various features, gain understanding about the demographics of the different Sites, and analyze trends.

Information We Collect

We use a variety of commonly-used technologies, like cookies, to understand how you use the Sites, make our services safer and easier to use, and to help create a better and more personalized experience for you.

We actively collect some types of information with a variety of commonly-used technologies. These generally include tracking pixels, JavaScript, and a variety of "locally stored data" technologies, such as cookies and local storage. We realize that some of these technologies do not have the best reputation in town and can be used for less-than-noble purposes. So we want to be as clear as we can about why we use these methods and the type of information we collect with them. Depending on which technology we use, locally stored data can be anything from text, pictures, and whole articles (as we explain further below) to personal information (like your IP address) and information about your use of the Sites (like your username or the time of your visit). We use this information to make your experience with the Sites safer and better, to gain a greater understanding of user preferences and their interaction with the Sites, and to generally improve our services. We will never use third-party cookies, unless we get your permission to do so.


Cookies serve to support a safe and quick usage of the Internet platform Our goal is to get across why we use cookies in general. Tools such as cookies and local stores are used to ensure the security and stability of the website, thus offer services as for example advertising and products on You can deactivate these cookies on your device, but as a consequence you cannot make use of certain features of We use this technology to offer products, features and advertising. This information will be stored on your device and can be reread again to support the procedure when one similar customized service takes place. This is including an continuous improvement of our platform to understand your preferences and the pettiness, as well as protect your user profile against utilization by third parties. The use of cookies is used to authenticate you as a person. By using local storage we can assure that you're registered on our page. Furthermore, the stored data is aimed to facilitate your use of our platform. For instance, we can provide interesting information and functions more quickly and easier for you. This also shortens the time the platform needs to set up, since related data necessary for the use of is already on your computer. This will make your surfing easear and more pleasant. Concerning advertising cookies serve to only show you relevant advertisment for you and to get to know how placed advertisment is perceived by you. We would like to create a possibly comfortable environment for you within our platform.

Locally stored data, JavaScript, and tracking pixels help us do things like:

Provide you with a personalized experience, such as using cookies to know your language preference, to remember the user preferences you set so we can provide you with the customized look and feel that you want, and to tell you about interesting issues and events in your area. Deliver more relevant content to you faster. For example, we may use local storage to store your most recently read articles directly on your device, so they can be retrieved quickly. Also, we may use cookies to learn about the topics searched so that we can optimize the search results we deliver to you. Understand how you use the Sites, so that we know what works and what is useful. For example, we might use cookies to learn about the list of articles you are following on your watchlist so that we can recommend similar articles that you may be interested in. Understand how you use the Sites across different devices, so that we can make our varied Sites more efficient and effective for you. Make the Sites more convenient to use, such as by using cookies to maintain your session when you log in or to remember your username in the login field. Want to know even more? You can read more about some of the specific cookies we use, when they expire, and what we use them for in our FAQ. We believe this data collection helps improve your user experience, but you may remove or disable some or all locally stored data through your browser settings, depending on your browser. You can learn more about some options you have in our FAQ. While locally stored data may not be necessary to use our sites, some features may not function properly if you disable locally stored data. While the examples above concerning information about you collected through the use of data collection tools are kept confidential in accordance with this Policy, please note that some information about the actions taken by your username is made publicly available through public logs alongside actions taken by other users. For example, a public log may include the date your account was created on a Site along with the dates that other accounts were created on a Site. Information available through public logs will not include personal information about you.


If you choose to provide your email address, we will keep it confidential, except as provided in this Policy.

You have the option of providing an email address at the time of registration or in later interactions with the Sites. If you do so, your email address is kept confidential, except as provided in this Policy. We do not sell or rent your email

We may occasionally send you emails about important information.

We use your email address to let you know about things that are happening with the united-world management GmbH, on the Sites, or the movement, such as telling you important information about your account, letting you know if something is changing about the Sites or policies, and alerting you when there has been a change to an article that you have decided to follow. Please note that if you email us, we may keep your message, email address, and any other information you provide us, so that we can process and respond to your request.

You may choose to opt out of certain kinds of notifications.

You can choose to limit some of these kinds of notifications, like those alerting you if an article changes. Others, such as those containing critical information that all users need to know to participate successfully in the Sites, you may not be able to opt out of. You can manage what kinds of notifications you receive and how often you receive them by going to your Notifications Preferences. You can learn more about email and notifications and how to change your preferences in our FAQ.

We will never ask for your password by email (but may send you a temporary password via email if you have requested a password reset). If you ever receive such an email, please let us know by sending it to, so we can investigate the source of the email.

Direct communications between users (such as messages sent through the "Email this user" feature), to the extent such communications are nonpublic and stored in or in transit through Sites systems, are kept confidential by us, except as provided in this Policy.

Surveys & Feedback

We may ask you to provide us with information through a survey or provide feedback, but you will never be obligated to participate.

Participating in optional surveys or providing feedback helps us make the Sites better. Because every survey and request for feedback may be used for various purposes, we will tell you, at the time we give you the survey or request for feedback, how we plan on using your answers and any personal information you provide. If you don't feel comfortable with how we plan on using the survey or feedback results, you are not obligated to take the survey or give feedback.

Location Information

GPS & Other Location Technologies

If you consent, we can use commonly-used location technologies to show you more relevant content.

Some features we offer work better if we know what area you are in. But it's completely up to you whether or not you want us to use geolocation tools to make some features available to you. If you consent, we can use GPS (and other technologies commonly used to determine location) to show you more relevant content. We keep information obtained by these technologies confidential, except as provided in this Policy. You can learn more by checking out the list of examples of how we use these technologies in our FAQ.


We may automatically receive location data from your device. For example, if you upload a photo using the mobile app, please be aware that the default setting on your mobile device typically results in the metadata associated with your photo being included in the upload.

Sometimes, we may automatically receive location data from your device. For example, if you want to upload a photo on the mobile app, we may receive metadata, such as the place and time you took the photo, automatically from your device. Please be aware that, unlike location information collected using GPS signals described above, the default setting on your mobile device typically includes the metadata in your photo or video upload to the Sites. If you do not want metadata sent to us and made public at the time of your upload, please change your settings on your device.

IP Addresses

When you visit any Site, we automatically receive the IP address of the device you are using to access the Internet, which can be used to infer your geographical location.

Finally, when you visit any Site, we automatically receive the IP address of the device (or your proxy server) you are using to access the Internet, which could be used to infer your geographical location. We keep IP addresses confidential, except as provided in this Policy. For example, if you make a contribution without signing into your account, your IP address used at the time will be publicly and permanently recorded. If you are visiting Sites with your mobile device, we may use your IP address to provide anonymized or aggregated information to service providers regarding the volume of usage in certain areas. We use IP addresses for research and analytics; to better personalize content, notices, and settings for you; to fight spam, identity theft, malware, and other kinds of abuse; and to provide better mobile and other applications.


When May We Share Your Information?

With Your Permission

We may share your information when you give us specific permission to do so.

We may share your personal profile data/ information only if you give us the permission. However, your articles are owned by everyone and are allowed to be used by everyone.

For Legal Reasons

We will disclose your information in response to an official legal process only if we believe it to be legally valid. We will notify you of such requests when possible.

We may access, preserve, or disclose your personal information if we reasonably believe it necessary to satisfy a valid and legally enforceable warrant, subpoena, court order, law or regulation, or other judicial or administrative order. However, if we believe that a particular request for disclosure of a user's information is legally invalid or an abuse of the legal system and the affected user does not intend to oppose the disclosure themselves, we will try our best to fight it. We are committed to notifying you via email at least ten (7) calendar days, when possible, before we disclose your personal information in response to a legal demand. However, we may only provide notice if we are not legally restrained from contacting you, there is no credible threat to life or limb that is created or increased by disclosing the request, and you have provided us with an email address.

Nothing in this Privacy Policy is intended to limit any legal objections or defenses you may have to a third party's request (whether it be civil, criminal, or governmental) to disclose your information. We recommend seeking the advice of legal counsel immediately if such a request is made involving you. If your profile or your profile data on a website, a server or database on a device not directly connected or legally subordinated to our organization, possibly also located on a server abroad are not be liable to access or any duty to disclosure.

If you abuse by creating "anonym" articles via other websites, which appeal to murder or are against life of any human we will do everything possible in order to find out and publish your identity, as well as if possible start prosecution against you.

If the Organization is Transferred (Really Unlikely!)

In the unlikely event that the ownership of the Foundation changes, we will provide you 30 days notice before any personal information is transferred to the new owners or becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

In the extremely unlikely event that ownership of all or substantially all of the united-world management GmbH changes, or we go through a reorganization (such as a merger, consolidation, or acquisition), we will continue to keep your personal information confidential, except as provided in this Policy, and provide notice to you via the Sites and a notification on at least thirty (30) calendar days before any personal information is transferred or becomes subject to a different privacy policy.

To Protect You, Ourselves & Others

We, or users with certain administrative rights, may disclose information that is reasonably necessary to:

We, or particular users with certain administrative rights as described below, may need to share your personal information if it is reasonably believed to be necessary to enforce or investigate potential violations of our Terms of Use, this Privacy Policy, or or user community-based policies. We may also need to access and share information to investigate and defend ourselves against legal threats or actions.

enforce or investigate potential violations of or community-based policies; Sites are collaborative, with users writing most of the policies and selecting from amongst themselves people to hold certain administrative rights. These rights may include access to limited amounts of otherwise nonpublic information about recent contributions and activity by other users. They use this access to help protect against vandalism and abuse, fight harassment of other users, and generally try to minimize disruptive behavior on the Sites. These various user-selected administrative groups that have their own privacy and confidentiality guidelines, but all such groups are supposed to agree to follow our Access to Nonpublic Information Policy. These user-selected administrative groups are accountable to other users through checks and balances: users are selected through a community-driven process and overseen by their peers through a logged history of their actions. However, the legal names of these users are not known to the united-world management GmbH.

protect our organization, infrastructure, employees, contractors, or the public; or prevent imminent or serious bodily harm or death to a person.

We hope that this never comes up, but we may disclose your personal information if we believe that it's reasonably necessary to prevent imminent and serious bodily harm or death to a person, or to protect our organization, employees, contractors, users, or the public. We may also disclose your personal information if we reasonably believe it necessary to detect, prevent, or otherwise assess and address potential spam, malware, fraud, abuse, unlawful activity, and security or technical concerns. If your data/ article/ collaborations are aimed to support human rights and freedom of opinion, but are judged as illegal in any country we will NEVER reveal your personal data. We allow our self to outsource your collaboration to an external agency and your to forward your collaboration to an external secured server and link it to the original destination.

To Our Service Providers

Wir dürfen deine personenbezogenen Daten unseren externen Dienstleister oder Auftragnehmern gegenüber offenbaren, die dabei behilflich sind, die zu betreiben oder zu verbessern oder Dienste bereitzustellen, die in Einklang mit unserem Leitbild stehen.

So sehr wir uns auch bemühen, wir können nicht alles selbst machen. Daher greifen wir gelegentlich auf externe Dienstleister oder Auftragnehmer zurück, die dabei behilflich sind, die zu betreiben oder für dich und andere Nutzer zu verbessern. Wir dürfen diesen Anbietern oder Auftragnehmern Zugriff auf deine personenbezogenden Daten gewähren, soweit dies zur Durchführung ihrer Dienstleistungen für uns erforderlich ist oder um deren Erweiterungen und Dienste nutzen zu können. Wir machen bindende Vorgaben, etwa in Form von Vertraulichkeitsvereinbarungen, um sicherzustellen, dass diese Dienstleister deine Daten in Einklang mit den Grundsätzen dieser Richtlinie verwenden und in derselben Weise deine Privatsphäre schützen.

To Understand & Experiment

We may give volunteer developers and researchers access to systems that contain your information to allow them to protect, develop, and contribute to the Sites.

The open-source software that powers the Sites depends on the contributions of volunteer software developers, who spend time writing and testing code to help it improve and evolve with our users' needs. To facilitate their work, we may give some developers limited access to systems that contain your personal information, but only as reasonably necessary for them to develop and contribute to the Sites.

We may also share non-personal or aggregated information with third parties interested in studying the Sites.

Similarly, we may share non-personal or aggregated information with researchers, scholars, academics, and other interested third parties who wish to study the Sites. Sharing this information helps them understand usage, viewing, and demographics statistics and patterns. They then can share their findings with us and our users so that we can all better understand and improve the Sites.

When we share information with third parties for these purposes, we put reasonable technical and contractual protections in place to protect your information consistent with this Policy.

When we give access to personal information to third-party developers or researchers, we put requirements, such as reasonable technical and contractual protections, in place to help ensure that these service providers treat your information consistently with the principles of this Policy and in accordance with our instructions. If these developers or researchers later publish their work or findings, we ask that they not disclose your personal information. Please note that, despite the obligations we impose on developers and researchers, we cannot guarantee that they will abide by our agreement, nor do we guarantee that we will regularly screen or audit their projects.

Because You Made It Public

Information that you post is public and can been seen and used by everyone.

Any information you post publicly on the Sites is just that – public. For example, if you put your mailing address on your talk page, that is public, and not protected by this Policy. Please think of your level of anonymity carefully before you make personal data on your profile or somewhere else public.


How Do We Protect Your Data?

We use a variety of physical and technical measures, policies, and procedures to help protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure.

We strive to protect your information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. We use a variety of physical and technical measures, policies, and procedures (such as access control procedures, network firewalls, and physical security) designed to protect our systems and your personal information. Unfortunately, there's no such thing as completely secure data transmission or storage, so we can't guarantee that our security will not be breached (by technical measures or through violation of our policies and procedures).

How Long Do We Keep Your Data?

We only keep your personal information as long as necessary to maintain, understand, and improve the Sites.

Once we receive personal information from you, we keep it for the shortest possible time that is consistent with the maintenance, understanding, and improvement of the Sites, and our obligations. Some personal data can be sorted without any temporal limit unless they are deleted or deactivated by the user. Non-personal data can be stored without temporal limit. We can transfer all of your data and your collaborations any time to any of the Site attached or connected organisation in order to store the data if we think it is necessary out of safety reasons. We are allowed to carry your data and collaborations into safety (out of political or legal rights) to external partner organizations, which are submitted to the policy. Please remember that certain information is retained and displayed indefinitely, such as your first name, your pseudo-name, possibly your IP address and any public contributions to the Sites.

Important info

For the protection of the united-world management GmbH and other users, if you do not agree with this Privacy Policy, you may not use the Sites.

Where is the united-world management GmbH and what Does That Mean for Me?

The united-world management GmbH is located in Düsseldorf, Germany, with limited liability, because of server and database in Iceland, Bulgaria, Germany, UAE, the USA not owned by the company. The "united-world management GmbH" is the German commercial connection to the international data-information page "" established for the use of the community, who operates collaborative webpages to collect free opinions, knowledge and expressions of intentions. The united-world management GmbH is responsible for economically. To protect your collaborations and articles we reflect content from servers in different countries. This serves for security of your data and our server. If your article does not meet the legal standard in a country, we will delete your data on the server in that particular affected country and provide the possibility to link the contribution from those countries where your input is not prohibited. This is how we make sure that you can can fight for your rights in all states of the world without the need to delete your article forever, but make it permanent accessible. If you decide to use pages within or outside Iceland, Bulgaria, Germany, UAE US, you agree to allow the capture, transmission, storage, processing, disclosure and other uses of your data in Iceland, Bulgaria, Germany, UAE to USA in accordance with this privacy policy. In addition, you agree to the transfer of your information carried out by us from Iceland, Bulgaria, Germany, UAE the United States to other countries, where in connection with the performance of services data protection laws may apply, which are different or less strict than in your country. Your articles, contributions and opinions are no secrets. Therefore, they could and should be read by everyone. If other servers in different, not yet listed countries may be required to ensure the security of the site, as well as the profiles, the articles and contributions you automaticaly agree to the transfer of your data to server in those new countries by useing


Any information you post publicly on the Sites is just that – public
Especially if you engage in public

This is how you can get active:


As a member you can actively participate. Read and evaluate articles, texts and contributions for example in your region. Choose a topic of your interest or expertise. We urgently are looking for experts with insider information in topics such as economics, politics, sciences, sports and health.


We are searching on a voluntary base for volunteers, lawyers, programmers, tax consultants, editors and a lot of other helpful people of all languages and nations. We are happy about every single person willing to help building up with his knowledge or skills.



Single donations help us to implement our projects faster, which would otherwise be a time consuming process. Your specific designated use defines the cash flow. You can dedicate every purpose that is important to you and which we are able to realize. The donation will serve for the maintenance and support of the whole webpage and the entire project when you are not indicating a specific reference for your donation or “” is stated. If you are indicating “Indonesia”, “Iran” or “Polynesia” the money will be used for the development of this region, as for example the development of a language, other specific adoptions, increasing the memory space and location of the server and additional support for the responsible local editors.

Every donation and donator will be listed under the menu item “supporter”. If you desire to donate anonymously, please note this down in the reference of your donation.


You like our idea and you can imagine being our partner? We are looking for individuals, organizations and companies, who would like to become official sponsor of We are happy about any long-term sponsoring and would be glad to get to know you. Enjoy the advantages of sponsoring and contact

Regular funding

Regular funds will give us the chance to plan long term and strengthen our independence. We will inform you regularly about our work and developments.

For funding please put “” in the reference of your donation.

Birthday- and occasional donations

You are looking for a special present for your birthday or another occasion? Maybe you are celebrating an occasion you achieved with the help of our webpage?

Actively participate

We would like to warmly invite our member and interested people to organize and participate in regional group meetings, whether online or in person. You decide yourself when there will be the next meeting in your neighborhood. Be engaged in working groups for specific topics in your region and motivate others to get active, too. You can find some links here: Initiatives, groups, ...

Advertisement! How and why?

Why we allow advertisement on

The purpose of this web-page is to improve the immediate environment of each of us. This includes a healthy infrastructure, education and business. For this reason we reserve advertising space on the page for the local economy for more favourable conditions to place advertising in the area of operation. From our point of view this is a particularly important role in the local economy. The advertisements are liable to separate terms of use and conditions, which are listed separately.

Advertisement is very important for most companies, regions and countryside. We would like to support local businesses by offering more favourable conditions in order to help them to obtain attention. We want to make sure that a local enterprise or retailer receives the best possible placement no matter what size of company. Global advertisement only can be displayed if there is no local advertiser. At the same time the revenue should generate an income for the authors and journalists. This income possibility should be a motivation to contribute with articles and pieces of high quality.

How do we use the revenue of the advertisements?

The biggest part of the revenue will be divided between the authors according to a distribution key. The rest will assure the organization, administration and technic of

Who can become an author?

Everyone can become an author by registering as a free user and publish a piece on

How can I earn money as an author?

In order to be able to refund the author he has to be a verified user. The verification can be achieved by the postident-procedure or by transferring at least 1 Euro to us from your bank account. All red articles generate ad revenue. This revenue will be attributed to the author. After every quarter a settlement is going to be developed and assigned to the authors.

How much can I earn as an author?

The income depends on the readership and the ad revenue per published article in every respective country. About half of the revenue of a local placed ad per article can be expected as a tentative target value. If there is no local ad revenue the author will receive an income from the national and global ad revenue. A distribution key will be calculated every quarter out of all pieces. The payment will take place every quarter as soon as a contribution amount of at least 10 Euro is reached. There is no general entitlement of the authors about a specific aimed amount of the ad revenue per article. Further, the author has no claim to obtain a specific amount of payment per quarter. The solidarity principle gets priority for the key division. The payment can be partly or completely denied if there is proof of abuse or violation of the general terms and in this case compensation can be claimed by

Do I have to pay tax?

The author is responsible for his tax obligation in the country of residence and has to undertake this obligation with the receipt of the payment.

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