The idea

Well-sort information worldwide and serve as a voice

  • Tell what’s on your mind and stay informed about everything that touches people on site.

  • Pure information straight from your region!

  • Become an author and show the world what happens and what moves you and people close by.

  • Insider news from you for you!

  • Weather amateur or professional journalists, share what concerns you in your environment

  • You know best what stirs you and the people in your neighbourhood.

Decide on your own, which information from which region is relevant for you and at the same time, share what affects you in your setting.

United-world is a platform for worldwide news written by people on site of the events. We are worldwide connected on and simultaneously can inform us and discuss about regional happenings. Thus, the free expression of opinion is emphasized in order to offer everyone the same chance of dialogue. Every member can report about regional events, weather amateur or professional journalist. The online published news, opinions or other pieces will be ranked according to readership and evaluations. offers different options to quickly attain the desired and relevant information. Initially, a region for the origin of the news can be chosen. Furthermore, there is a possibility to select a specific category of information, as for example politics, economics or sports.

In addition to the news the platform provides a variety of other functions and menu items, including a calendar, a local job fair, flat hunting, travelling and much more. Moreover, in the member area you can not only follow authors and their pieces, but also find targeted neighbours and old friends. Exchange your mind about everything important in your environment and profit from a swap meet, a traffic report, leisure time tips and housing supplies.

United world affords access to million of regional bound news written by people on site of the happening.

Discover now! (->Link to Prezi)