Code of conduct was established in order to create a possibility for everyone to express one’s opinion without imposed censorship and without attention to the social or political regime of a country. According to the human rights, it is allowed to state all thoughts and opinions.

However, please stick to following rules, which can cause a black out of your work in serious cases.

In the personal profile, as well as in all pieces following is absolutely forbidden in form of direct content or links:

  1. Nudities, which show sexual genitals, especially those of children. (any pornographic content)

  2. Every even implied image of sexual abuse of children

  3. Any appeal to murder, assault, agitation or bullying

  4. Publishing pictures, texts, videos or pieces without obtaining their rights or if the rights of any third parties are infringed by your release.

  5. All kind of spam, junk mails or promotional contacts

Recommended code of conduct

  • Don’t be insulting, offending or discriminating

  • Don’t write negative about people, places, events or traditions in order to harm them on purpose

  • Don’t publish any untrue piece, nor invent facts

  • Do write about other people in the same way you would write about yourself

  • Be respectful and objective, especially when you write about religion, orientations, people’s hopes, values or beliefs.

By publishing your piece on the author permits quotation of the text and the use of all images and videos, as long as it is directed to the piece. It needs to be cited as following if any information of an article is used: “, Article #”. It is allowed to quote the entire article if this rule is satisfied. Only with a correct quotation you are allowed to publish images, texts or videos divorced from its context. An editorial application is allowed if the general terms are complied. Without the approval of the author third parties must not use any content commercially.