How does this site work?

You can choose the Menu and Categories in your preferred Language here. Unfortunately not all the Languages have yet been translated. We are endevouring to complete all the translations very soon.

This Menu dispalys the Country or a specific Area about which you would like to read the given information. In the Members Area this function also sorts for you the Authors by place of residence. You can manually select your destination using the drop-down function or by giving in the Search your destination by country or city and will be sent out automatically. The Region or location can also be saved by direct link under .

You can find here over 150 Sub-categories which are of interest to you. You can call the underlying stored Items at any time or limit with the respective category.

  • You will find here all Articles from the selected Region
  • You can directly write an Article here.
  • Maps to your selected area will be shown here.
  • You will find all the Users in the Region here. Whether in you District or State level.
  • Your Mailbox and Messages account.
  • Your personal Membership Settings
  • Your location management.

  • The search box works for the entire database, all text, articles and posts. The search is always limited to the selected region (district / city / country). The search engine will show you all Articles that has that searched word in the text.

All the members residing in the same locality will be shown here. The Gallery will change the photo every second by one. We will only display photos which have been approved by the Users. You can find all the Authors of articles in the Memberspage. You can communicate the Users individually or follow their postings.

You can set up your profile in the "New Registration" area. Your specified First name is always displayed in the Articles. The rest of your data, you can individually show or hide. When you register, it is important that your birth or your hometown is correctly shown. Afterwards it is not possible to change.
You can change your residence at any time. If you are on vacation or traveling for work, then you can also post Articles in that location.

You can save multiple photos and your links to your Xing, Facebook, Google Plus or others. You can create two email addresses. We recommend that the first (your LOGIN address) not be made public. The second one you can publicly display, to allow private contacts. Also at all times you can be contactable by other users via the internal mail service.

Pseudonym / Fictitious name

You do not want to sign an Article with your real name? Then create a Pseudonym. If you write articles with your pseudonym, then your real name is not visible to these articles. The pseudonym may also include a picture. Important: Please do not use any images or names of strangers for malicious or confusing purposes.

You can write an Article once you have registered. Enter a descriptive title. You can write the text to the Editor. You can also add pictures and files. This will be visible to the right of the text. You can also insert html-formatted content of your web page. Please follow our Code of Conduct.

You can activate the voting function to your Article and set a time period for voting. Select a category in which the Article is to be listed. Choose whether the Article should be displayed in your home or in your residence location. Confirm language of the Article.

You can also set Data for the Search engine by location, address or other key words.

You can publish the written Article, if you are satisfied with it. If you forget to tick the box at "Yes Publish the News", the Article will be stored under your Profile in the "Drafts". You can amend, activate or discard the Article at any time.

Once you have published your article in one of the selected country languages, you or any interested user can translate your article into any existing language. Your Article will always remain in your original language, all translations are only to serve the ineterested readers.

There are basically two categories, the first is for all Articles which are not older than 7 days. The second is the Archive with all the older posts. Selection works by city, region or country. The Articles can also be sorted by date, most widely read and most discussed. By default all Articles will be sorted by view counts.

In addition to the view counts, the rating of this Article is the most important benchmark option. Here, you can transparently review each classification of the ranking, so that you can see what your neighbors think of your Article. The review shows how many users from your district, your city, your region, your country or globally assess whether or not it is worth reading your article. Here you can see the approval of your Article at its location of origin. Perhaps for you as an author, the global opinion is not so important if it is approved in your locality. The rankings show the attitude to political, economic and cultural views of your environment.

The review is also important to show which organic market, theatreplay, exhibition, developement is preferred by local residents who advocates citizen's initiatives.

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to understand

  • why Dortmund has a disproportionate number of right-wing extremists
  • why some children in Birmingham are punished according to Sharia
  • why farmers take their own life in Rajastan
  • why unborn girls in Bihar are aborted
  • why malformed (disabled) children are starving to death in the Congo
  • why and where is Pegida idea born
  • why are women, men & children abused, mistreated and exploited

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  • that there is less corruption in Thailand, Mexico and Nigeria
  • that women in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Albania can live a self-determined life
  • that the weapons are silenced in Ukraine
  • that the despots in Minsk and Pyongyang have no more say
  • that the Mafia no longer rules in Italy
  • the freedom of expression is completely legal again in Hungary and Turkey

In order to achieve

  • that people of Costa Rica, Vietnam and the United States can lead dignified life from their earnings
  • that the elderly individuals are integrated and do not become social outcasts.
  • that families receive support and encouragement in their daily lives
  • that parents do not work in sweatshops
  • that children do not pay with their life working on poisonous Electronic Recycling
  • that chickens live longer than thirty days, for a valuable dignified life

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  • that children can be children again
  • so man becomes humane again

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