Take part. Let’s get together, for more transparency, freedom of opinion and exchange of information.

United-world.org represents transparency, freedom of all information and opinions in every country and the whole world.

Give a treat and use the local network to achieve your claims better and faster. We need your support to reveal abuse, corruption and exploitation of our economy, state and civil society. We need you as active authors, journalists, as well as people interested in your fellows, who share their information and claims with each other.

We are obtaining ad revenue through offering placements for advertisement to support the local economies. However, most of this revenue is going to be distributed among the authors. The rest is used to maintain the organization and technic. In order to work mostly independent and effective we are depending on your personnel and financial support.

This is how you can get active:


As a member you can actively participate. Read and evaluate articles, texts and contributions for example in your region. Choose a topic of your interest or expertise. We urgently are looking for experts with insider information in topics such as economics, politics, sciences, sports and health.


We are searching on a voluntary base for volunteers, lawyers, programmers, tax consultants, editors and a lot of other helpful people of all languages and nations. We are happy about every single person willing to help building up united-world.org with his knowledge or skills.

Contact: support@united-world.org.


Single donations help us to implement our projects faster, which would otherwise be a time consuming process. Your specific designated use defines the cash flow. You can dedicate every purpose that is important to you and which we are able to realize. The donation will serve for the maintenance and support of the whole webpage and the entire project when you are not indicating a specific reference for your donation or “united-world.org” is stated. If you are indicating “Indonesia”, “Iran” or “Polynesia” the money will be used for the development of this region, as for example the development of a language, other specific adoptions, increasing the memory space and location of the server and additional support for the responsible local editors.

Please donate to united-world Management GmbH
Reference: “Donation united-world.org“
Donation account: 4094 3353 00
BLZ: 430 609 67
GLS Bank
IBAN: DE44 4306 0967 4094 3353 00

or via paypal.com to our account: paypal@united-world.org

Every donation and donator will be listed under the menu item “supporter”. If you desire to donate anonymously, please note this down in the reference of your donation.


You like our idea and you can imagine being our partner? We are looking for individuals, organizations and companies, who would like to become official sponsor of united-world.org. We are happy about any long-term sponsoring and would be glad to get to know you. Enjoy the advantages of sponsoring and contact donationsinfo@united-world.org.

Regular funding

Regular funds will give us the chance to plan long term and strengthen our independence. We will inform you regularly about our work and developments. For funding please put “united-world.org” in the reference of your donation.

Birthday- and occasional donations

You are looking for a special present for your birthday or another occasion? Maybe you are celebrating an occasion you achieved with the help of our webpage? Why don’t you ask your guests for a donation to united-world Management GmbH?
Reference: “united-world.org“ . Your donation will be used for the setup of United-world.com.

How are donations used?

Donation will be used for your defined reference. General donation could be transferred to cooperating organizations in other countries and states to support United-world.org. Your donation is going to be used for the setup of a secure network of server in the entire world.

Every donation and donator will be listed under the menu item “supporter”. If you desire to donate anonymously, please note this down in the reference of your donation.

For questions about donations and application of funds apart from our annual reports please sent us an email at: donationsinfo@united-world.org.

Actively participate

We would like to warmly invite our member and interested people to organize and participate in regional group meetings, whether online or in person. You decide yourself when there will be the next meeting in your neighborhood. Be engaged in working groups for specific topics in your region and motivate others to get active, too. You can find some links here: Initiatives, groups, ...

Please help to give everyone the chance to raise his voice and get heard in the entire world. United World would like to thank you sincerely for every kind of support!

Link us and make the united-world.org idea popular.

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